What's love got to do with it?

What's love got to do with anything?

In my experience, everything.

I have found that most things stem from love, and self-love in particular.

If we don’t consciously love ourselves, we’ll have a harder time in relationships, and not take the necessary actions to create the lives we want.

And I’m not talking about bubble baths and getting a pedicure – although those things can help a lot in taking care of ourselves and feeling good.

I’m talking about the relationship you have with yourself.

Do you enjoy your own company?

Are you harder on yourself than anyone else?

Is the way you speak to yourself the way you’d speak to your friend?

How do you deal with failures, successes and getting yourself through challenging situations?

We are affected by the energy of our home and are influencing it at the same time.

It’s an extension of us.

In my last home, there was a small piece of the love and relationships gua (area) “missing”.

The energy of your home likes to be complete, so if there is a “missing” piece of a gua, then we need to really bump up other enhancements to support the energy there.

I did the best I could to support the energy in that area of my life, but I still felt like I struggled with self-love. Being extra sensitive to energy, and being in an apartment, I had little influence over the space that was technically in my neighbors’ home, and I was challenged.

But I managed to make leaps and bounds over the years of being there and started listening to myself, my health, my soul and what I really desired in life.

Now that I am in a home that is ‘complete’, I am feeling more compelled to amp up the self-love and care.

And it’s sometimes still very uncomfortable. But that’s the way change normally goes.

It requires great patience, gentleness and compassion. It requires courage to do things I’ve never done before.

And just like all parts of your life are connected, so are all parts of your home.

Enhancing the love energy of your home influences the rest of your life.

When you work on the relationship with yourself, you might:

  • Treat your partner, children, sister and friend better.

  • Respect your money and cultivate an abundance mindset, while appreciating all that you have now.

  • Set boundaries, and become more aware of what you need to thrive in the world.

  • Take action to move the needle forward in your career or calling.

  • Put your health first and eat not only for pleasure but also to fuel and nourish your body.

  • Show up in the world authentically as yourself.

  • Make play, creativity and fun a priority.

Essentially, you come home to yourself, and your life is transformed in all areas.

May you first and foremost love yourself, so it can overflow into the world.


Enhance the love in your home.

Your love and relationship gua is the farthest back right corner of your home – see the bagua map below.

Take some time to support your relationship with yourself and everything else in your life.

The energy of this gua likes:

  • Red and white or pink

  • Pairs of things (two candles, two picture frames, a loveseat, two pillows etc.)

  • The element of fire: red, pink, diamond or triangle shapes, people, candles, animal prints, to name a few.

  • Artwork that depicts and evokes a feeling of love.

Here's some inspiration: