Be more present in your life

Image from Unsplash

Would you agree that being present in this moment is one of the most challenging things to do (be) in life?

For me, it’s flippin’ hard.

Future tripping, past tripping, any kind of mind wandering off somewhere else tripping is my auto-pilot setting.

I think it’s that way for all of us.

As Eckhart Tolle says, there is only Now. Only the present moment exists in your life.

But, we are exquisitely good at being other places than where we are. Or at least places our minds have created from past memories and future worries or “how-much-better-life-will-be-when” places.

When you look around your home, does it give you a sense of being somewhere else other than where you are Now?

Do you have unpacked boxes?

Pictures not hung?

Decor that no longer represents who you are?

Does it feel like you are home?

Or are you waiting to get there?

I’ve noticed that especially when we want something to happen in our lives – a new career, getting pregnant, meeting the love of your life, finding the perfect couch – we tend to live in a place of lack.

Meaning, we think about not having the thing we want badly, which creates a lack in our lives right now.

We live in the future (or maybe the past if we feel like the love of our life left us and we’ll never find anyone else – which is not true!), and we miss the opportunity to be content, grounded and present in our lives right now.

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

What if instead we relished in the feeling of what we desire, and trusted that the path to get there would be shown to us?

What if we lived ‘as if’ right now, appreciating where we are AND where we want to be.

What if you:

  • Unpacked those boxes.

  • Purchased new pillows to make the couch you want to trade up more appealing until you find the perfect one.

  • Created a space for your partner when they arrive.

  • Cleaned up the spare room and added some furniture for your new baby.

  • Added some candles, fluffy towels and music to mimic the spa-like bathroom you dream of.

  • Decorated the way you want now, not until you find the perfect house.

I don’t believe that we have specific desires and dreams for no reason. I believe they are divinely inspired. They belong to us.

Sometimes they don’t show up on our timeline or how we expected them to. They might look slightly different than we imagined or one million times better, but I do believe they are meant for us.

They are seeking us as we are seeking them.

The more we create our environments and home to reflect our inner selves, the more we can easily connect to our desires, and feel whole, content and grounded right now.


Create the home that reflects who you are now and who you are becoming – the home that anchors in place all that you desire.

Here are some feng shui remedies to help anchor in your desires:

Wanting to attract a new partner?

Create as much equal space around your bed as possible. Empty a drawer and a nightstand, so they have somewhere to put their belongings. Try adding end tables and lamps that are the same or similar. These symbolize equality in a relationship. You want to create equal + balanced space for both people in the bedroom. (ps – this also works for those wanting to improve current relationships).

Looking to create a new business or find a new career?

Enhance your career gua (or area). Add an indoor fountain, some black and/or a mirror to this section of your home. The career gua is shown in the map below. It will be oriented to the side of your home that has your front door. Wherever the front door is on the dotted line, the career gua is always in the center front gua. (The bagua is placed on top of your home’s floor plan – so it’s like a birds eye view of your home.)

Not feeling at home with your current decor, but don’t have a huge budget?

Get creative. Create a pinterest board of decor that feels like YOU.

Get over to the thrift store and see what you can find for less. DIY an old cabinet or table. Chalk paint is excellent for transforming a piece of furniture and can be done in one weekend. Reupholster an ottoman or chair. YouTube is your friend for transforming old vases, artwork, picture frames, furniture etc. into something new. The sky's the limit.