Don't wait. Do this now.

Are you the type of person to ‘wait until’?

Do you wait until you:

– Get the new job to dress the way you really want

– Lose weight until you buy new clothes

– Find the right partner to feel loved + content

– Reach a certain income goal before you feel successful

– Hold off on buying the decor, furniture + storage for the home you have now, because ‘one day’ you’ll have the home of your dreams?

What exactly are you waiting for?

It’s important to live our best lives in our environment now.

Because our environment has a profound effect on our lives.

I know that sometimes it’s hard to choose things you are going to live with everyday, especially when those purchases are a bigger investment or require more to replace them.

And if you’re anything like me, you value quality and love many different styles. So you find it hard to find exactly what you love, never mind actually choosing something.

Sometimes these decisions can feel so permanent, because they are a bigger purchase and we want to be able to live with them for a longer time.

But, I want to remind you that if you happen to choose something that doesn’t work, you can always return it, sell it, make it over, paint it, add slipcovers, move it to a different room, swap with someone else – there are solutions.

And we are ever evolving and changing, which means our environments will be ever evolving and changing.

But when we don’t make an effort with our current space, we can be left feeling ungrounded, unsettled, not supported. We most likely won’t be feeling like ourselves.

You deserve to feel at home in your environment.

You deserve to be held in your home.

You deserve to live in the most comfortable and beautiful home that you can possibly create – now.

Not when you move somewhere ‘better’.

Not when your closet is bigger than your bedroom.

Not when you have a double garage and an eat-in-kitchen.

What are you waiting for?


Don’t wait. Start creating the home you want now.

Can you do one thing this week to start creating the home you feel at home in, now?

Pick one room, and make a list of what you need / want for that room.

Depending on your current budget, pick something that you can start looking for now.

  • Lamp shades?

  • Laundry baskets to organize the dirty laundry?

  • An area rug to create a softer space in your bedroom?

  • Wall mounted shelves to create vertical storage?

  • A pretty new pot to re-plant your aloe vera?

  • Paint for the kitchen cabinets?

Even though I’m encouraging you to start choosing now, don’t rush into anything. Take some time to shop around in person (if you can) and online. Wait to find what you really love and works for you and commit. This process can evolve over time. Depending on what you need and your budget, decide to get one new thing per month or week, or whatever works for you.