You have my permission to be imperfect

Repeat after me: It’s safe to be imperfect.

In the days of Pinterest, Instagram and Apartment Therapy, there is so much pressure to have a home that is picture perfect.

At least, I feel the pressure.

I am very sensitive to my environment (I probably wouldn’t be passionate about Feng Shui if I wasn’t!)

I feel ‘off’ when my home is messy and hasn’t been cleaned for a week. And, I have to admit, when I put in the effort to make my environment look like it is Instagram worthy, I get a little bit of a rush.

But, life happens. And piles of papers are created (and left for days), laundry overflows, and your bookshelf isn’t exactly ‘styled’ to your liking.  Oh, and if you’re like me, sometimes you leave a sink full of dishes to do the next day.

The thing is, life is messy, which means our environments can get messy.

There is a balance in your environment, just like there is balance in your life. And the balance is, is that you move and flow from one thing to the next. You will never be on top of every single thing. And that is perfectly okay.

What we need to be conscious of, is when the dishes are sitting for a week, there is a stack of eighty magazines that no one ever reads, and when we are holding onto things that are no longer serving us, or give us any joy.

Can you see the difference?

So, while it’s important to view your home as a reflection of yourself and a place to be honored, cared for and respected – it’s also important to sometimes (most of the time) just let things go and know that they are all part of the imperfectness of life.