You can trust yourself

Growing up as a highly sensitive kid, I was always aware that I was different than most people.

My intuition was strong, and looking back I remember being highly aware of the people around me, their emotions and needs. I could feel a lot.

I was also highly aware of my environment, and how it affected me feel.

As I grew up though, and because I absorbed so much, I started to move away from my inner knowing and intuition. I stopped trusting myself.

I followed the pack and as a lot of kids do to get the love and attention they need, I started to abandon myself.

I would say that my journey in adulthood has been all about unravelling and letting go of all the things I had taken on to survive.

It has been about coming home to myself, so I could learn how to thrive.

As children, a lot of us are taught to focus on authorities outside of us. We become fixated on the external, and look outside ourselves to figure out what feels right for us.

And what happens is we learn to move away from our own knowing. Our knowing and guidance that leads us to what is right and good for our unique self, our soul.

As adults, depending on how far away we are from ourselves, we continue looking to our mom, our best friend, our brother, our doctor or our colleague for how to live.

And while it’s important to look to people who have experience, education and knowledge, we ultimately have the answers within us.

Because what is right for someone else, may not be right or aligned for you.

It’s important to seek help when we need it, because sometimes we need help seeing through the dark.

But as we navigate whatever it is we want to transform, we can’t forget to listen to our inner wisdom, which ultimately knows the truth of our own life. Not what is right for an “expert” in any field, but what resonates and aligns with your mind, body and soul.

If I have learned anything in my journey to coming home to myself and balancing my body and health, it’s that no one outside of me has the correct answer because I am the only one living in my body and walking through my life.

Doctors may understand the workings of the body more in-depth than I do, but they will never know my own body as in depth and intimately as I do.

In coming home to ourselves, and knowing our own energy and what aligns –

  • We can discern what medical treatment is working well for us, and if not seek out other opinions, options, experts and professionals who are willing to work WITH us, and listen to how we are feeling in the process to find a solution.

  • We can feel into whether or not having a red front door in our home feels like us.

  • We can discern how a piece of artwork makes us feel or how the curve on a certain chair, the colours in a room or the ambience and lighting makes our soul sing (or not).

  • We can reject something a Feng Shui consultant told us to do (yes that includes me ;), because we know deep down it doesn’t feel right.

  • We can receive the information that is being provided, take what works and leave the rest.

  • We can question when someone says ‘you must do this in order to get that in life’ and whether it makes sense to us and aligns with our soul.

We can trust ourselves.