This is how you go with the flow

Do you find it easy to go with the flow?

Do you move through your day, week, month or year with a sense of ease feeling like no matter what challenges are thrown at you, you know it’ll all work out in the end?

I’ve found that going with the flow is a choice that I have to keep making over and over again.

When I’m trying to buck the current, resisting whatever is in front of me, I get tired and drained pretty fast.

It’s obviously (at least I hope so ;) normal as human beings to have a wide range of emotions and not be in control of how we feel all the time when life happens.

But I’ve gotten really good at feeling those emotions (aka not stuffing them down) and reminding myself that everything will work out if I allow it to. If I allow it, solutions can flow to me.

Let me ask you – on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think you go with the flow?

Whatever the number is you chose, I can bet that your home would also reflect that amount of go-with-the-flow.

In traditional Chinese culture, it is believed that Ch’i (or life energy / energy) is in EVERYTHING.

This is why in Feng Shui we talk about how the objects in your home are talking to you. Meaning the Ch’i or energy that inhabits them is affecting your energy if only on a subconscious level.

And, this is why the many layers of your home (objects, furniture, balance and harmony of the five elements and yin and yang) can block your flow.

Remember, you are influencing and affecting your environment AND your environment is influencing and affecting you.

So what might be happening in your home to block the flow?

You could be bending over backwards in your home. Literally.

Do you have stuff behind doorways, so you can’t open doors all the way and have to suck in your stomach and shimmy through?

Is your chandelier hung too low that you have to duck everytime you pass by it?

Does the laundry sit in the middle of floor, causing you to jump over it or twist your body to move around it everytime?

Are your cupboards so full that is takes a lot of energy to find something when you need it?

Has clutter piled up in the hallway that you have to turn your body sideways to get to the bathroom?

These may seem like small potatoes, but when you don’t keep the flow of your home open, it can literally affect your body and health.

When we habitually move in these ways, we can twist our bodies into eventual fatigued muscles or trip over things.

Safety and comfort in our environment are important and we should put in the effort into making it more or less effortless to move throughout our home.

Your furniture is placed tightly together, and/or there is just way too much stuff (aka clutter) .

I’m all for individuality and humanity. Which means I believe that there are over 7 billion ways to do life. And 7 billion ways to create a home.

Some of us are maximalists, some are minimalists and a lot of us are somewhere in between. However, I believe there is a line that everyone can cross. And that is because we like, for a million reasons, to create things in our lives and homes that are not very supportive of who we really are.

We don’t always choose things that are a reflection of our inner beauty. Which includes too much clutter.

So, that being said, I don’t believe that anyone feels good when our home and life isn’t flowing.

There is always a way to get to a better balance, (and flow) for you.

What would it feel like to have some breathing space in your cupboards or around your furniture?

You’re surrounded by things that bring you zero joy.

Cue the sad face emoji. Life is waaay too short to live with what you don’t love. Let it go! Even if that means having an empty space for awhile – when you let things go, you create space for better and more beautiful (to you) things to flow in.


The before and after of flow :)

The art of furniture placement can create a better flow in your environment, especially as it relates to the space you have.