Put your Environment to Work for You

As we’re deep into a pandemic (I sometimes feel like the end is not in sight), we’ve had to rearrange our lives on many levels for an extended period of time.

And one of those levels is of course, our homes.

We’ve relaxed, worked, Zoomed, Netflixed, hung out in our living rooms, worked in our bedrooms and ate many more snacks between the same four walls than we thought possible.

… Sigh …

We also might have dealt with sickness, grief and a million other emotions while we navigate a different way of living.

As you continue to adjust to life in an ever changing landscape, it’s time to put your environment to work for you.

In Feng Shui we examine how you are currently using your space and how it can better be rearranged and used to support the activities of your life.

It doesn’t always make sense to keep certain rooms how they were intended when they are never used.

For example if you're not using your dining room, but love to do yoga, why not create a little yoga studio with ample space to roll out your mat? I’ve also seen dining rooms turned into kids play rooms!

Or, since you're not really using the guest bedroom currently, why not create the most comfy and serene home office?

If you don’t have any extra rooms, how can you bring different activities into the same room?

Furniture on wheels or that is easily moveable is great for transforming a space from a fixed single use to a multi-functional one.

Because of the pandemic, you’ve probably already learned how to do this in some way.

Now that you have all this experience of being in your home 24/7, how can you reimagine your space on another level so it works for and supports you?

* * *

I was really excited to finally have a space where I could put a dining table. I’d been eating over a coffee table for far too long.

But since we live in a one bedroom apartment, we also needed an extra desk / work / creativity space.

In a smaller space, your first instinct might be to add a smaller table. But because this room needed to be multi-functional it made more sense to get a larger table to have space for different activities.

Now we can use it for an extra desk space AND we can eat dinner there every night if we want. When we can have company for dinner again, we can temporarily put away the computers and have a large dining space that can seat up to 8 people!

I also love that the table we bought has an extension, so it can be a small table if we need more space in the adjacent living room or when we move one day.