I am allergic to this ...

I am allergic to surface level anything.

I think it’s cause I see past the surface in everything sensing nuance and subtlties, looking for the integrity of whatever is in front of me.

  • Ideology

  • Interior design

  • Something someone says

  • Something someone believes

  • Renovations (Did you also cringe while watching Trading Spaces and they glued flowers to a bathroom wall!? Eek! Not practical - hello mold and so not easy to clean. Google “trading spaces flower bathroom”)

The integrity (or wholeness) to something or someone is everything to me.

I love aesthetic beauty but that beauty has to have more meaning and / or run deeper even if it just means you love something a lot. 

True Beauty is more than skin deep.

If it inspires you, brings out the best in you, highlights your soul’s beauty, I’m all for it.

What I surround myself with needs to feel solid. Sound. Meaningful.

Form follows function.

Do you also see past the surface of things?

What in your environment right now is giving off surface level vibes? Can you remove it now, or replace it with something that feels beautiful to you on a deeper level?