Feng Shui isn't Interior Design ... or is it?

When I tell someone about Feng Shui, the conversation usually goes like this:

Someone: “oh, Feng Shui, cool, that’s like interior design and decorating, right”?

Me: “Well not exactly…”

I go on to say something like this: Feng Shui is about creating a space that feels good to you. So while it does incorporate design in your environment, I look at many layers of your home to help you create a space that’s in alignment with who you truly are.

The main points of where Feng Shui + Interior Design can differ:

Feng Shui is

• harmonizing our spaces with ourselves + our souls

• bringing the elements of nature into our homes so we feel more at home (cause we are part of nature)

• attuning to what you desire in your life and creating a home to support and nurture that

• creating beauty, safety and comfort in your surroundings

• space planning / movement of energy or ch’i

• consideration of form and function

• consideration of design psychology

Interior Design / Decor is

• when done well, takes into consideration form and function

• aesthetic beauty which may or may not connect with your own inner beauty

• following of trends in colour, furniture, design + construction

• decorating, all the way to space planning, construction and materials.

The reality is that there are many overlapping layers between feng shui and interior design.

Most likely, design + decorating doesn’t usually take into account the 5 elements (water, wood, metal, earth + fire), beauty, comfort and safety, but it certainly can (and should!)

And I’ve noticed time and time again that people intuitively know feng shui and therefore will choose things for their home that balance and enhance their environment according to feng shui principles, which a lot of the time also lend themselves to good design.

Design might focus on beauty, but not necessarily function – especially when following the decor trends of the moment.

Although, sometimes the only function of something is to be beautiful.

Design might not be aligned with safety – some things look cool but might not be practical or make you feel safe in your own home (an open staircase, no treads, or sharp pointy objects.)

So, Feng Shui is not interior design … – and – it is. Because all the elements of the interior of your home are influencing you and being influenced by you.

It’s inclusive like that.

It works with the whole of your home, just like it works with the whole of who you are.

Much love + beauty,