Everything is Feng Shui

A couple of years ago, I was in a soul-sucking job that wasn’t good for me.

I was stressed all the time and when I came home all I could do was plunk myself in front of the tv while I ate my (usually) not-so-healthy dinner. Then I’d go straight to bed.

I was exhausted, but instead of seeing just how bad the situation was, I covered it up. I “stuffed” myself with food, tv and social media, so I didn’t have to pay attention to how painful it all was.

While talking to someone I trusted about the situation, I had an aha moment – all that stuffing’ was not only blocking me from feeling what I needed to feel, but it was also keeping me from realizing what I truly desired – a less stressful job!

You see, EVERYTHING is Feng Shui, because everything is energy.

A mentor of mine had said to me “Everything is Feng Shui”, about a year before I was knee deep in that crappy job, and in my aha moment it really clicked for me.

When we have a lot of clutter in our environments, we are not creating anything “bad”, but we are literally and figuratively keeping energy stuck and our desires from flowing into our lives.

And when we fill our bodies with thoughts that aren’t supportive, food, tv, social media, etc., we are cutting ourselves off from the flow of life – which includes feelings of joy, pain, happiness, frustration, and our d e s i r e s. We are cutting ourselves off from discovering what we truly want.

What we refuse to let flow, stays stuck.

When we can be mindful of how energy is staying stuck in our lives, everything we want and need can flow right to us.

I am curious, what in your life feels stuck? What do you think you can let go of in your environment or your body, so your life can flow better? Let me know in the comments below.

Love & Blessings,