Enough? Enough.

Does your closet reflect enough for you?

What is enough?

This is a question that I have spent many days and nights thinking about. 

I could never quite pinpoint what it meant, or was, or felt like - for me. I was always chasing this illusive amount of enough.

Then I realized that enough is a decision and is unique to every person on the planet. Enough for me is probably and most likely not the same as enough for you. 

And, how could it ever be? Every one of us is multi-layered and unique and requires something different.

The truth was that I couldn't find my enough because I didn't think I was enough. I was constantly looking outside myself for what was acceptable.

Which, of course doesn't work because we can only find what is right for ourselves from within.

And until I knew I inherently was enough, I could finally come to terms with what I needed and was enough for ME.

Have you also struggled with this question? Are you in tune with what is enough for you? 

In your relationships



spiritual practice

in your closet?

or are you lead by what the world is telling you is enough?

Does your environment mirror back to you what your deepest beliefs and desires are about what you need and want? or does it reflect someone else's?