Creating Space for 2021

While this year is certainly off to an interesting start, and getting back to “normal” probably isn’t happening anytime soon – I am optimistic and excited for what this year will bring.

And that starts with creating space for all that will be flowing in through my life and front door this year. (Did you know that the front door is considered the mouth of chi (or energy) in Feng Shui?)

Getting your entrance set up to receive new energy is important, but that’s a topic for another time.

Today I want to talk about clutter and holding onto the things that are remnants of past versions of yourself or maybe didn’t even represent you in the first place.

If we want to create change and transformation in our lives, we have to start with creating the space for it.

I believe clutter comes in all shapes and sizes –

  • Emotional Clutter (holding onto unprocessed emotions, old traumas, grudges, etc, etc.)

  • Mental Clutter (worrying, always listening to our thoughts no matter if they are actually true. Trying to think our way through life, instead of tuning into our bodies, intuition and energy for wisdom as well.)

  • Spiritual Clutter (Seeing the world, ourselves and others in black and white, instead of multidimensional, light, dark and everything in between. Not looking at our shadows and strong arming ourselves into light and positivity 24/7)

  • Digital Clutter (10 blurry first tries at getting that family photo, emails from an old job you left 5 years ago, a screenshot of a quote you liked, but never looked at again.)

And of course Physical Clutter (you name it: books, magazines, movies, clothing, moldy food in the fridge, your tax return from 1999 – don’t tell anyone but I just threw mine away last year!)

Physical clutter has shown to have a profound effect on our psyches, mood and even be linked to mental illness.

It’s all connected.

Physical clutter affects us on an enormous level because we live in it and notice it with our senses everyday.

The things we surround ourselves with are energetically talking to us.

They are pulling on our energy and taking us away from what we want to create in our lives and who we really are.

We are immersed in our environments even more so in a pandemic and everything is amplified.

So, how do we begin to create more space for ourselves and our 2021 desires?

We start to let go. Of whatever we *feel* is no longer serving us or distracting us from coming home to ourselves.

  • Those old ripped pajama bottoms

  • That book you tried to read but couldn’t get into

  • Those earrings that aren’t your style but your aunt bought them for you so you’re keeping them because you feel bad for throwing them away.

How do those things make you feel? Not so great I bet. Time to let them go.

We stop using our environments as storage containers and take stock. Go around your home and open the cupboards and closets. How much of what is stored do you never use? Really ask yourself that question as you examine how parts of your home have turned into a place just to keep stuff.

Why do we do this? Because in all those things being stored away there is energy in them that we are connected to.

You may not see all the stuff, but the energy is still there ‘hidden’ away in the cupboard.

Every – thing has a connection – this was a gift, that was something I bought on that trip, I spent a lot of money collecting these, I’ll use it one day...

Old energy can keep us stuck but also give us comfort. Because staying stuck is what we know, rather than the unknown of what’s to come and what we really want to create for ourselves and lives.

We tune in. We tune into who we are and if the things that surround us really represent us in a meaningful and accurate way. We tune into what we find beautiful and let go of the rest. We intentionally arrange our environment to be a true reflection of ourselves.

Creating space by letting go of clutter is often the first step I give to clients when we work together. If you happen to be someone who has a lot that can be parted with, it’s absolutely the first thing you need to do. Because creating space is the only way that the new energy, dreams, desires and your connection to yourself have a way to flow in.

I am moving soon and am going through this process in my own home. It’s amazing what comes up including the resistance and very interesting ‘good reasons’ I have to not let things go.

But as I let go of things, I feel myself breathing more deeply and noticing more spaciousness in my life – and not just physically.

What challenges do you face as you create more space in your environment and life? And how do you feel once you’ve let go?

To a spacious 2021.

Because you are unique, you might be more comfortable with different levels of things in your home and life.

I prefer to have a really organized, clean space, or my brain starts to hurt. The same goes for my calendar and time. (Hello introversion and high sensitivity) But, maybe you prefer ‘messy creativity’ or a very eclectic environment. Maybe you like a ‘fuller’ look?

What images below make you feel at ease, at home? Pay attention more to the space in between things and less about the aesthetic or design.