Comfort is important

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

There’s a lot of talk in the self-development world about getting uncomfortable and how it’s important to do scary things in your life.

And while this is true, we still need comfort and support. 

We need to be held, so we can feel safe to spread our wings.  We need to be grounded, so we can jump.  We need an anchor so we can navigate the course. 

You can’t be uncomfortable all the time, or you will burn yourself out. 

Yin and yang Feminine and masculine Passive and active Flow and hustle Receiving and giving Comfortable and uncomfortable Chocolate and peanut butter (I digress ;)

If we don’t attempt to balance these seemingly opposing but complimentary energies of our lives, eventually, we won’t be able to move forward anymore.

It’s always going to be a dance, and both of everything are always going to be needed.

That’s where our environments come in. 

When we feel held and supported in our homes, we can do those things that make us uncomfortable. 

We can take risks, because we know we will be comforted on some level. 

We can come home after a long day of being out in the world and feel held.

We can balance our home with complimentary energies, and bring the elements of nature into our space, so we can be reminded and feel in our bodies daily, that we are comfortable and safe AND we can do hard and scary things.

When we are rooted in our environment and ourselves, we can more easily take the leap towards our dreams and desires.

P.S. If you'd like help with creating a home that holds and supports you, so you can do those scary things in the world (aka moving toward your dreams and desires), check out how I can help you here.