Balance is a myth

I know there are a lot of people that will say that balance is a myth. But I disagree.

I believe it’s possible to live a more balanced life and create a more balanced environment.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as perfect balance, but we can swing the pendulum much closer to the centre (whatever that means for us), most of the time.

We can maintain equilibrium if we practice and cultivate what feels balanced to us.

In a ‘perfect world’ (meaning not in a pandemic), balance for me means having a lot of space in my calendar and needing in person connection with family and friends but also not spending too much time with large groups of people.

It means having quiet time to myself for at least an hour a day, and staying off social media as much as possible, but also listening to music or having a conversation with a friend a few times a week.

It means doing yin yoga as much as I can and staying away from alcohol as much as possible, but also taking a brisk walk and indulging in rich food sometimes.

It means having an orderly and semi-organized home without too much visual clutter but also surrounding myself with texture, colour and contrast.

And it means having the right mix of yin and yang elements in my home so I don’t feel off kilter. (A sleek modern couch and a traditional wood hallway table).

Yin and yang represent the two energies (duality) that inhabit everything in our universe, including your home. They are seemingly opposites, but also compliment each other.

I love the yin and yang symbol because it shows that these energies are not separate from each other but interconnected. They co-exist and if one becomes too much, it eventually becomes the other.

For example, a wallpaper with dainty flowers would usually have a yin quality, but if you papered an entire house with it, it could turn into something very bold and too much for your senses, making it into something very yang.

How you use objects, materials and decor in your home make a difference to the energy that they are exuding.

To help you understand a bit further the qualities of yin and yang, here are some words to describe each:

Just like we all need different levels of yin and yang in our lifestyles, we also need them in our homes.

There are general guidelines in Feng Shui to balance a home’s yin and yang energies but because we’re different, everyone will feel comfortable in a different balance and combination.

Can you spot the yin and Yang in both photos? After you’ve assessed, scroll down to see how I’ve identified these energies in the photos.